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We offer a unique and varied catalogue of music for business and personal use. Take a listen to some examples below and get in touch to discuss music licensing opportunities at great prices. You may also like to read our music licensing FAQ.

"Thick in the Funk"

High energy track with a funky guitar riff over a live hip hop style beat.

  • Instruments: Drums, bass, distorted lead guitar, electric rhythm guitar, synths
  • Mood: energetic, upbeat, raw
  • BPM: 95
  • Length: 2.24

"Ultra Funky"

A mix of funk and hip hop influences with live guitar, bass and horns

  • Instruments: Drums, bass, wah guitar, chop guitar, horns
  • Mood: funky, energetic
  • BPM: 95
  • Length: 2.55

"The Circus"

Quirky boom bap hip hop instrumental.

  • Instruments: Drums, bass, vibraphone, piano, brass, strings
  • Mood:Quirky
  • BPM: 96
  • Length: 2.20

"The Magician"

Dramatic and quirky electro hip hop instrumental

  • Instruments: Drums, percussion, bass, strings, synths
  • Mood: dramtic, quirky, electronic
  • BPM: 95
  • Length: 2.57

"How the ish goes down"

Laid back hip hop instrumental with dark undertones. Ideal story telling beat for rappers.

  • Instruments: Drums, percussion, live bass, rhodes, strings, synths
  • Mood: chilled, conspiracy, underground, atmospheric
  • BPM: 113
  • Length: 2.55

"Say no more"

Space age electro hip hop instrumental

  • Instruments: Drums, percussion, bass, strings, synths, vocal hook
  • Mood: space age, electronic, atmospheric
  • BPM: 95
  • Length: 2.57

"Dust in the groove"

Chilled retro hip hop instrumental with female vocal hook.

  • Instruments: Drums, percussion, bass, rhodes, beatbox, vocal hook
  • Mood: dusty vinyl, chilled, jazzy, underground
  • BPM: 95
  • Length: 2.57

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