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Digital consultancy

The digital landscape is constantly evolving at a rapid rate. We are being bombarded with new technologies, apps, platforms, jargon and methodologies. It is not surprising that so many businesses are left feeling overwhelmed.

Thankfully, we have years of experience delivering digital projects so we can help you understand the process from start to finish and support you all the way.  

With years of experience in online marketing and digital campaigns, we can add real value to your project.

To deliver a project on time and within budget, we start by understanding your requirements through workshops and questionnaires. We turn these into a high-level “wish list” which we then prioritise and develop into a detailed technical specification. The needs of your staff and customers form the basis of “user stories” that help us determine how different types of user interactions take place and how we facilitate them for the optimal user experience.

We pay careful attention to what is and isn’t in scope and advise on a logical phased delivery of features. Our experience allows to foresee potential problems and mitigate risks; our project plans always build in suitable contingency time and budget.

If required, we can provide a dedicated project manager to manage your staff, suppliers and resources. This is particularly useful in larger projects where staff turnover and evolving business needs may result in change requests that the delivery team must adapt to.

Quality control is of paramount importance which is why we place so much value on User Acceptance Testing (UAT). Once we have streamlined every process and ironed out every bug, we will guide you through the go-live process and provide ongoing support and advice.

Our team has years of experience in delivering:

  • Websites / CMS
  • Digital communications
  • Promotional materials

Navigate the digital landscape with confidence

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Digital consultancy services

1. Digital project management

2. Risk analysis and mitigation

3. Specification definition

4. Business transformation

5. Digital communications

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