Music licensing

Music licensing

A music licence gives you permission to use a song in your creative project.

Instead of thousands of tracks that all have that “stock music” sound, we offer a smaller library of authentic music that will bring your creative projects to life.

We keep music licensing as simple as possible so you can find the perfect track without having to worry about complex legal and copyright issues.

We offer a friendly and personal approach to help you discover the perfect music for your project. Large companies have large overheads, which means they need to charge more to cover their costs. We don’t - so we can offer great music at a low price.  

An eclectic and authentic library of music from some of the UK's finest underground producers

We have 3 flexible licensing options to suit different types of content creators:


Low cost option for independent content creators that allows monetization of YouTube videos etc.  


Great value option that allows you to use our music in commercial releases, radio, TV etc.


Very flexible option aimed at digital agencies that supply music in bulk to clients.

Bring your creative project to life with our inspirational catalogue

Find the perfect track

What we offer

1. Unique and inspirational music

2. Flexible licencing options

3. Range of genres

4. Track variations

5. Bespoke editing

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