Mastering compressor


Mastering is the process of making your music sound as good as possible on the widest variety of devices. It increases the perceived loudness of a track while maintaining the dynamics that make your music sound interesting.

Mastering ensures that the levels and tonal balance of each of your songs are consistent. It adds the sparkle and polish that transform a good mix into a great one ready to be streamed or played on the radio.

Mastering is the final stage of the mixing process that prepares your music for commercial release


  • 1 track - £50
  • 3 or more tracks - £35 each

We provide 3 revisions per track at no extra cost.


How to provide your songs

  • Ensure that the master bus level does not exceed -6 dBFS
  • Do not use a limiter on the master bus
  • Export music from your DAW in WAV or AIFF format rather than MP3
  • Where possible provide a 32 or 24-bit audio file instead of 16-bit


Take your music to another level with our low cost online mastering service

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Online mastering

1. Louder, more powerful mixes

2. Stereo enhancement

3. EQ correction

4. Polish and sparkle

5. Correct levels and format for streaming

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